EMOOCs 2014 Conference

February 10-12, 2014 in Lausanne (Switzerland)

Experience Track

Call for Papers Experience Track

This forum gathers practitioners interested in experiences and best practices in MOOCs and MOOC-related contexts. This includes the experiences of authors who have been running MOOCs. It also includes the experiences of those who have been supporting the production of MOOCs, have been involved in the selection of MOOCs, or have been analysing data for their university. It also includes experiences of using MOOC-related technology in other contexts, in particular, for on-campus education. It aims to share experiences, results, and solutions and to document problems.

Topics of interest are (but are not restricted to):

• MOOCs production: costs, processes, pitfalls

• MOOC selection: criteria for selection, how to motivate teachers, feedback from students

• MOOC data: drop-out rates, student demographics, popular activities, etc.

• Integration with existing e-learning initiatives and learning management systems

• Failures and successes in flipped classes

• Pedagogical support to teachers

The format of this track will be a set of five sessions. In order to organise the track and encourage submissions, three of these sessions have predefined topics. The two other sessions will be organised after taking into account the submissions received. Please check the call for papers for more details.

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

P.A.U. Education