EMOOCs 2014 Conference

February 10-12, 2014 in Lausanne (Switzerland)

Sponsors - Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors

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The second MOOC Summit is shaping up to be the highlight of professional MOOC activities in Europe in 2014.

We expect to welcome between 400 and 600 participants at the prestigious Rolex Learning Centre, located on the EPFL campus, near the Lake of Geneva.  The first event was successfully launched at EPFL in June 2013 and gathered various actors.  Similarly, EMOOC 2014 targets 4 types of MOOC stakeholders:

  • Decision-makers are primarily high-level officials from European universities who are responsible for the elaboration of the online education strategy for their universities. This category also includes public sector authorities at the regional, national or European level.
  • Corporate actors include 3 types of participants: Companies that produce MOOCs or operate MOOCs on their platforms, either for academia or corporate customers. Companies that want to enhance their online education strategy for their employees, for their reseller network or even for their customers and companies that offer MOOC-related services such as security and privacy services, analytics, etc.
  • Practitioners are the persons involved in the production, implementation,  and follow-up of MOOCs in their institution
  • Researchers who produce reliable studies onin online education or other issues related to MOOCs such as cloud computing, analytics, motivation, etc.

Each stakeholder group will have their own conference track, and the conference includes specific events to build links between these communities.


We invite corporate actors to associate their brand to this high -level event. We distinguish betweenthree levels of sponsorship:

  • Bronze: 1 000 Euros
  • Silver: 3 000 Euros
  • Gold: 10 000 Euros





Logo on the web site

Logo on the printed program

Logo on the slides of the opening/closing event

Logo on the badge lanyards



Number of poster/banners in the conference rooms




Short speech at the dinner banquet



Number of persons at the VIP tables for Dinner




Number of free registrations (~300 CHF)




Distribution of leaflets or other material

Number of m2 in the exhibition area






Corporate actors will have the opportunity to demonstrate their products or strategies in the forum area of the Rolex Learning Centre, where the plenary sessions will be held.

The price per m2 is 80 Euros for 3 days, with a minimum of 4 m2. The cost is divided by 2 if the exhibitor only wants to stay for one day and by 1.5 if they want to stay for 2 days.

These rates are for the rental of exhibition space; they do not include the costs of renting and setting up a booth. The costs and logistics of the exhibition booth and presentation materials are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitors may, however, contract an independent company to handle these concerns.

The table below shows the fees for some standard sizes of exhibition space, but other dimensions can be negotiated.


Free registration

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 m2

1 person




9 m2

2 persons





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